When I heard at VMworld 2020 there was a fling for ESXi on ARM I was very excited. I have several Raspberry Pis deployed for various functions around the house so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to buy a shiny new 8GB Raspberry Pi4.

The documentation flings.vmware.com/esxi-arm-edition was great, however, I ran into two issues….

The Raspberry Pi 4 does not play nicely with all HDMI monitors

I couldn’t see any video while the Pi was booting up. I tried two different monitors and that didn’t help. The fix was adding the following line to the config.txt file on the root of the SD card


Don’t be tempted to use a cheap USB drive for the ESXi install media

The install media is less than 1GB, so I thought I would use one of the many small USB drives that vendors hand out like candy. This led to getting I/O errors and the install failing. I tried another no-name brand USB drive and the same thing happened. I finally tried a Kingston USB drive and the install completed.